Balloon Crew Volunteers Needed!!!

Balloon CrewSince the start of the festival, the Lisle Eyes to the Skies has raised thousands of dollars, which have all been given back to six local affiliates. The non-profit affiliate charities benefiting directly from the festival are: The Lisle Education Foundation, the Lisle Partners for Parks, the Lions Club of Lisle, the Kiwanis Club of Lisle, the Rotary Club of Lisle and the Lisle Chamber of Commerce.

To guarantee that this year’s Lisle Eyes to the Skies is successful, the committee is looking for significant participation from volunteers.

Lisle Eyes to the Skies is an excellent opportunity for individuals to volunteer, to also include their families, churches, friends, sports & school groups, community organizations, and businesses. The event will be held July 3rd – July 5th in Lisle Community Park. Volunteering at Lisle Eyes to the Skies is a fun way to give back to our community. It brings people together for fun and a common purpose. Many volunteers return year after year because they enjoy it so much.

On the website there are many opportunities to volunteer. One of the activities that someone can be a volunteer is to be a member of a balloon crew. Depending on the size and the shape of the balloon, the crew size varies from 3 to 10 persons. There are morning inflations of the smaller or sport balloons. In the morning if weather permits, these balloons will fly. Crew is needed to inflate and recover the balloons if the flight. In the evening the shape balloons will be inflated. In addition, the smaller balloons will inflate and fly and land before sunset if weather permits. The evening inflation is sometime after 6 p.m. Balloons will inflate for a glow. All balloons are off the balloon field by 9:15 p.m. since fireworks follow.

Why volunteer to crew a balloon?

There are three big rules to crewing a balloon: Have Fun, Be Safe and Enjoy Being Part of a Team! Ballooning cannot be done alone by the pilot. It takes a team of engaged and aware crew. The pilots provide instructions as to what each crew member does irrespective of prior experience. The pilot wants to provide a safe, fun, and entertaining activity that is enjoyed by all. Tall tales of the day’s adventure are expressed, and the joy of ballooning is shared with new friends.

There are many opportunities for all ages 16 and older. All volunteers will receive a t-shirt, admission ticket and food/drink coupons. For Balloon Crew and other opportunities, please visit our Volunteer page.